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Hofex 2017
Commercial production company Apadana commands the trade pavilion with an area of two hundred square meters at the sixth international exhibition of office furniture on 25 - 28 December 2016
Yazd exhibition
The commercial production company Apadana trade orders in the mining industry Yazd exhibition on Persian date 19 to 22 January 2017
Type of wood
From botanical perspective, there are two main group:  Gymnosperms or coniferous: these type of woods are obtained from the trees with coniferous fruits that often have gymnosperms or needle leaves. These woods are called soft woods. Angiosperms or deciduous trees: they have...
Melamine cover
In our country, these coatings with 32% (total share of use) are mostly used. Because of the specialized nature of the process of melamine coating, and more importantly, its high value-added, the world MDF factories usually have melamine coating lines and also offer different types of melamine...